Atlus is leaving character and monster designers for more than just the Persona series

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Japanese studio Atlas lost a longtime artist and designer Kazuma Kanekahaving signed the appearance of a number of characters and especially iconic demons in series such as A person And Shin Megami Tensei. His last game at Atlus was Persona 3 Reload, and he is currently working on a new project with the COLOPL team.

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Kaneka spent his entire career at Atlus. He started in 1988 with Erika in Satoru no Yume Bōken for the NES, as a graphic designer, which he first signed with Maniac Pro-Wrestling: Ashita e no Tatakai, as a character designer with Somer Assault. In 1992, he was born Shin Megami Tensei and was involved in the first Persona for four years, this time as art director.

The well-known developer did not specify the circumstances of the change of place of work. In any case, he was already looking for new colleagues last year. Finally he landed in the studio KOLOPL, which, for example, works with the Shironeko brand, and many of its games are published on mobile devices. The new game is still in its infancy with Kaneki’s participation, but it should be a typical anime style RPG.

Source :Indian TV

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