Trevor was supposed to be an agent in the Grand Theft Auto V story expansion – INDIAN

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Unusual and often disgusting Trevor you’re in the plot part Grand Theft Auto V they either loved it or hated it. Many players didn’t like him. However, one of the three encores had to be dedicated to him.

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We learned about the expansion late last year due to a major source code leak. In it, players discovered the remains of canceled additional content, incl. Agent Trevor. Actor Steven Ogg has just confirmed that Rockstar is indeed working on this DLC.

Ogg even filmed parts of this expansion. Trevor had to cooperate with the feds and go undercover.. The actor described this version of Trevor as James Bond. Except he’s still Trevor, a troublemaker and a slob, but he tries his best.

“We shot some stuff and then it fizzled out and they never got back to it.” Ogg added in an interview with Loadout. Story expansions have been canceled and Rockstar has begun to focus entirely on GTA Online. The multiplayer part was very popular and the studio saw the greatest potential in it. Also part of earlier plans was to include additions called The zombie apocalypse And Alien Invasion. Obviously they had to be crazier than Trevor as 007.

GTA fans may also regret this never released behind the scenes development video. Ned Luke said the documentary camera was running the entire time he was working. Luke provided the voice of Michael and also recorded the motion capture. But Rockstar never used this material. Perhaps he will return to this someday, even if he is thinking about it now. Grand Craft Auto VIwhich will be released in 2025 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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