The authors of Cities: Skylines 2 faced massive criticism from players

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The developers from the Colossal Order studio released in October last year continuation of the construction strategy Cities: Skylines, which was supposed to be a continuation of the popular first part of 2015. However, upon release, Cities: Skylines 2 experienced serious technical problems, causing the game to fall in reviews and among players. Some users also complained about less content compared to the previous work. Although the developers focused on fixing the poor technical condition after release, criticism persists to this day.

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In addition, the authors added imaginary fuel to the fire with the recently released Beach Properties expansion. This extra charge 10 euros it offered only a few types of houses and trees, which, according to players, were sorely lacking. They expressed their dissatisfaction in a rating on Steam, where the DLC received a significantly negative rating. Finally, studio management responded to the loud criticism.

In a post on the official Paradox forum, the developers apologize for the content of the new addition, as well as for the current technical shortcomings. Result withdrawal of criticized DLC from sale and will refund the money to all players who purchased it. Owners of the final version will receive compensation in the form of three Creator packs and three radios. At the same time, the upcoming Bridges and Ports expansion, which won’t be released until next year, has been delayed.

The studio also continues to work on delayed versions for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles, but still They don’t even have an estimated release date.. Studio head Mariina Hallikainen herself admitted that, despite all efforts, the studio cannot deliver corrections, improvements and new content in the promised time frame, volume and quality, for which she apologizes on behalf of the entire studio. Let’s see if the developers will be able to correct the badly tarnished reputation of a successful and thoughtful game.

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