Warhorse presents Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2! It will be released this year and will be held in Kutna Hora – INDIAN

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Silver mining in the Kutnogorsk region ceased about three hundred years ago, but the mining of precious stones from these places continues today. Warhorse Studio, led by Daniel Vavre and Martin Klima, unveiled the sequel this evening Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Our jaws dropped from the very beginning at the press presentation of the game, and there is little doubt that here in the Czech Republic we are once again developing a game with world-class potential.

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Before checking out the breakdown, we recommend the game’s announcement article.

Many of us were looking forward to Jindra and I getting involved in the Hussite Wars and perhaps even walking across the newly built Charles Bridge in historic Prague. However, from the published trailer it is not at all clear whether this will be the case in the upcoming work. Although Jindra looks older at first glance than before, we return straight to 1403, and our steps lead nowhere but to Czech paradise and subsequently to Kutna Hora.

It will be one of the places where Jindřich’s story will continue. Connoisseurs of the first part may argue that we, together with young Ptacek, were sent to Trosky Castle for Ota IV. called Mlady Bergov. And they are right! However, from the trailer we learn that instead of one large map, solve problems throughout the kingdom, which means more seats. However, there is no reason to fear that we will get less from the second part than before, since The overall size of the game map should be doubled.

For now, we can only speculate whether the already existing Sázava will be included in this list. Kutná Hora is located thirty kilometers from it, and another eighty to the Czech Paradise. So, we assume that the game will have a form of remote travel, with the possibility of passing not only hours, but even days. We hope that we will be able to return to the places we visited.

However, it is still unknown what will happen to her Prague. Despite the fact that half of the scenes of the play were filmed in Prague, unfortunately, we did not see our hometown in the footage from the play. On the other hand, in the last few days we could notice a gargoyle on Warhorse’s social networks, that is, a terrifying element of Gothic buildings that serves as a medieval drain.

It was used on most buildings of the time, and we cannot say with certainty whether the footage was taken in Kutná Hora or in a player being observed in Prague. A lot has happened during this time. Not only did he arrive in 1402. The Charles Bridgebut he worked at the University of Prague and spread his teachings himself Jan Hus. A year later, the German professors there branded him a heretic, resulting in the formation of the famous Decree of Kutnogorskywhich connects Prague and Kutna Hora with a six-year gap.

What was he doing at this time? Jan Zizka? He probably also robbed a certain Matei with a group of fellows, looked at the world with both eyes and did not interfere in important events.

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