The series made the Fallout games extremely popular, but that won’t speed up the development of Fallout 5 – INDIAN

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First line Fallout series incredibly successful. Players’ appetite for new adventures has been whetted, and interest in individual games is growing exponentially these days. Whether it’s a multiplayer game Fallout 76narration Fallout 4 from 2015 or earlier Fallout Shelter. However, it does not seem that Bethesda intends to speed up the development of the previously promised fifth part because of this.

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Todd Howard confirmed the previous plan in an interview with IGN. Currently focused on Elder Scrolls VI. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t planning other things. Fallout 76 is still being worked on, and the much-coveted smaller version is probably being prepared behind the scenes. Fallout 5. But for now, players will have to make do with Fallout 76 and next generation updates for Fallout 4which will be released on April 25th.

Howard didn’t want to set a deadline anyway. This is also avoided and reminded development Star field. New updates and story expansions are in the works for the space RPG, which Howard called really fun. In other words, you definitely won’t be bored at Bethesda Game Studios.

He chatted a little on social network X Emil Pagliarulo. One Bethesda executive wrote that it all depends on the people. “Like any development team, we have talented people who take time to create great things. So we can’t do everything at once.” he added.

The Sever website provided interesting facts about the popularity of games. Last week on the European market increased sales of Fallout 4 by more than 7500%. Both digital and physical sales are taken into account, giving the game first place, ahead of Helldivers 2, EA Sports FC 24 and Grand Theft Auto V.

The increase is due to discounts and the series, which premiered April 10 on Amazon Prime Video. PC versions accounted for 69% of all sales last week, with the rest coming from consoles. But we must not forget here that Fallout 4 is available to subscribers of Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus Extra.

Fallout 76 took eighth place on the chart with 85 percent of PC sales. This is the ninth Fallout: New Vegas and in tenth place we find Fallout 3. He is ranked elsewhere Classic Fallout Collection (43rd place), Fallout 2 (57th place) and Fallout (70th place).

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