Bohemia Interactive’s Vigor is finally coming to PC – INDIA

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The portfolio of the Czech studio Bohemia Interactive includes a free multiplayer shooter. Energy is considered a definite anomaly. And not necessarily because it is a representative of the looter shooter genre. With the exception of purely mobile projects MiniDays 2 And Armagh Mobile Operas it is the only studio game that has never appeared on PC. At the same time, Vigor was released in early access on Xbox in the summer of 2018, a year later the full version appeared, and in subsequent years it spread to PlayStation 4 and Switch. Whenever fans asked the developers what the PC version would be like, they were told that there were no plans for a PC port..

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But the community was obviously persistent because because Vigor will watch on PC. Thus, all players, regardless of their preferred platform, will be able to visit post-war, in some sense even post-apocalyptic Norway of the 90s. And it’s only been less than 6 years since the game came out in Early Access on Xbox One.

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Source :Indian TV

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