Top Grossing Games on Steam for Week 16

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Page SteamDB On the traditional deadline, I again published a review of the highest-grossing games on Steam over the past week. This time it’s about period from April 9 to April 16. Free games are not included in the rating. The Helldivers 2 co-op tournament continued to hold first place, holding it almost continuously for two months.

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Handheld Steam Deck came in second place, followed by Survival Builder. RimWorld. He owes such a high position in the ranking to the recently released Anomaly expansion, who himself took fourth position. Thanks to the new series, the Fallout brand also experienced a significant increase in popularity, as evidenced by the fifth place Fallout 4 and seventh place Fallout 76.

Among the post-apocalyptic events from Bethesda, horror managed to wedge itself. Content Warning. At the end of the top ten you will find the titles Infection-free zone, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 And Baldur’s Gate 3.

Source :Indian TV

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