Sons of Valhalla is much more than just a clone of the Kingdom – INDIAN series

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In many works, the Vikings are described as ruthless, twisted and cold-blooded warriors with horned helmets on their heads. In short, bloodthirsty beasts, whose main content was only robberies and arson of other people’s houses. However, they chose this stereotype developers from Pixel Chest to break a story in which the victim is the Viking himself. However, losing your home is hardly comparable to having your own wife kidnapped. Thorald Olavson goes on a journey of revengeand even his own death will not stop him. But first of all, he will have to cross the threshold of Valhalla.

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The endless darkness of death does not last long, and Thorald’s gaze sees Odin, King of Asgard. It is his helping hand that sends us back to Earth after a short conversation with they saved our wife Raya. she was kidnapped by a rogue earl from England, which gradually takes her through five different territories.

And here our journey begins. Shortly after the camp is removed, Tharold begins his first conquest, leading them rather than simply sending troops to war. However, this is not only about action game from the sidein which you advance as a Viking and destroy hordes of enemies, but oh combined with 2D strategy with building management.

To your base camp or others points won you will return as you progress. In addition to upgrading and constantly purchasing units for your troops, you will issue orders through the command menu, making it easier they can follow you, defend the marked location as the walls of a conquered territory, go on the attack, and some units can even create a shield wall.

Thus, the command menu provides you with more detailed commands, thanks to which you will learn how to classify the dispatch of troops. Instead of killing vulnerable archers on the front line, you cleverly hide them behind more resilient melee warriors, saving more than one life. The hero Thorald himself can save even more. With its help, you not only build the foundations of the camp and conquered fortresses, but also fight enemies, which often affects the fate of your own army. A shield will help you with this, with which you can protect yourself. from all angles and cover both enemy strikes and arrows.

You’ll also shoot them with a bow, but there are other projectiles too, such as spears and fire cauldrons full of flammable resin. Before I took control, I criticized soldiers who ran blindly into battle before realizing that they had actually obeyed their master’s orders. I started using it halfway through the game. more precise orders focusing on specific groups of soldierswhich saved my life on more than one unit.

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