Would you tip the developers after finishing the game? This opportunity is offered by the former head of Blizzard – INDIAN

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Microtransactions, expansion packs, pre-orders for exclusive content and early access to the game… Developers and publishers are trying to get money from us in many ways. But there are still a handful of those who do business more honestly and want to treat the players to something extra, rather than get them drunk until they drop.

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Mike Ibarra, the former head of Blizzard, who previously worked for 20 years at Microsoft, came up with a new proposal. Increasing game development costs will be covered by the new option. Once the game is completed, players will be able to submit it to the developers. tip. Tips will be voluntary and may be sent by someone who particularly enjoyed the game.

“As a gamer, I’ve been thinking about this idea for a while because I’ve recently become interested in single-player games,” He wrote Ibarra on social network X. “When I finish playing, some of them I’m just amazed at how amazing the experience was. At the end of the game, I often thought that I wished I could give these people another $10 or $20 because it was worth more than the original $70 and they weren’t trying to rob me or scam me here and there.”

He cited Horizon: Zero Dawn, God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2, Baldur’s Gate 3 and Elden Ring as examples. “I know $70 is a lot, but sometimes I wish it was a late-game option. Some games are special.” he added.

What do you think about this option? Could you give some advice to some developers? On social network X, Ibarra’s idea is more criticized. Some write that they see no point in sending developers more money for good work. Others point out the games’ high prices, and still others ask if they can get their money back if the game lets them down. During the heated debate, many agree on one thing: publishers will mostly keep the money for themselves rather than give it to developers.

Ibarra probably meant no harm. He mentioned Baldur’s Gate 3 as a good example. Fans supported the developer by purchasing the game in Early Access. Larian Studio is pleased with the sales and does not plan any additional paid content. Instead, they’re focusing on a new game that will likely also start its journey in Early Access. As you can see, it works even without microtransactions and unnecessary DLC.

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