LawBrakers from the creator of Gears of War comes to life

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In 2017, the multiplayer action game LawBrakers, which was created by Boss Key Productions under the direction of Cliff Bleszinski, was released on PC and PlayStation 4. In the past, the famous American developer CliffyB also signed the first three parts of the Gears of War series as chief designer. A project from our own studio, despite decent advertising and quite positive reviews. failed to attract enough players. Therefore, less than a year after the release, the developers had to announce the end of additional support. In September 2018, the servers were finally shut down.

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However, thanks to fans, this commercially unsuccessful game is now returning to form. project called The RELB. At its core, this is an identical game that uses the original game client and so-called “fake” servers. A fan team has been working to revive LawBrakers since 2020. A few days ago, an important milestone was reached – a public test was launched, in which you can take part for free through the official website. Although this is an unofficial project, he drew attention to its existence in his own way. Twitter CliffyB himself who encourages you to give it a try.

Source :Indian TV

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