Ubisoft took away the license for the game The Crew – INDIAN

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So far, the worldwide initiative has not been able to stop Ubisoft’s efforts to liquidation of The Crew. Earlier this month, the servers went down, making the arcade racing game unplayable. Now the second part of the funeral of the 2014 game has begun: the French company is removing games from players’ digital libraries Ubisoft Connect.

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Until now, there was some hope that, thanks to the clever community, it would be possible to create a patch to bypass The Crew’s security and the requirement to connect to a server. However, no one expected to revoke the license for the purchased game. Ubisoft is probably doing this out of fear that someone will bypass security.

Angry players are reporting the license revocation on Reddit. Ubisoft has not yet commented on this issue. According to the affected players, no one informed them about the revocation of their license. The message appears only on the game tab, where instead of the game installation button there is information: “You no longer have access to this game. Maybe now is the time to visit the store and continue the adventure?”

The publisher is probably encouraging players buy a new part, either The Crew 2 or The Crew Motorfest. Ubisoft has also remained silent on the petition and the worldwide initiative. He demands that publishers and developers stop destroying their games and shutting down game servers. And when the servers were turned off so that the patch would allow you to play the game without an Internet connection.

“More and more video games are sold as a product, but when support ends, they are not playable for everyone. The legality of this practice is untested worldwide, and many governments do not have clear laws regarding these activities. Our goal is for authorities to focus on this behavior and hopefully put an end to it, as it is an attack on consumer rights and media protection.” We will read about this on the official website of the initiative.

If you are one of those whose license for The Crew has been revoked by Ubisoft, we recommend that you contact the company’s support team and request a refund. Some managed to get their money back, but these are rare cases.

Apparently, The Crew is the first game for which the publisher is revoking the license from players. This does not include free games.

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Source :Indian TV

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