The First Mafia will soon receive the third part of a major plot modification

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Previously, we informed you about the creation of a large-scale plot modification for the first Mafia called Rise & Fall. Behind the project is the Czech fan group 7K Czech Studio, which published the first part of the story in February last year. The second part subsequently followed in October. Both passages were dedicated to the underground world of the city. Lost Paradise in the 1920s, when local organized crime was ruled by Don Peppone. The whole story caught the player’s attention mainly because it took place before the events of the original game.

Above in the preview you can watch the recently published trailer, enticing the upcoming third part. will complete the whole story and the final rise of Salieri and Morello, who will replace Peppone at the head of the mafia. In addition to the next chapter of the story, the authors also offer new weapons and vehicles, led by motorcycles, which premiered only in the modern remake of Mafia: Definitive Edition. The third part of the Mafia: Rise and Fall mod will be released on PC in the coming months.

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You can find out more about individual projects of the 7K Czech Studio group on the official website.

Source :Indian TV

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