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Are you a big fan of racing games, but tired of playing only on PC or console? In the Heat board game, you have the opportunity to race on select race tracks, with maps that pave your way to victory. You can read about how this works in practice in the following lines.

  • Number of players: 16
  • Game time: 60 minutes
  • Price: 1469 CZK (Alsa)
  • Age: 10+

Racing can be a challenge in the heat

In the Heat board game, you have the opportunity to jump into the formula and start racing on some tracks. In total, you are offered four racing tracks along which you have the opportunity to drive your car. The range of races includes tracks in the USA, France, Great Britain and Italy. Each of them tests players in their own way. Some you’ll blow right through, while others might break your neck in a turn. They differ from each other, among other things, in that they are spread over a different number of rounds.

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You will then choose the formula you will use to race. The chosen suit is related to the main cards of that suit because the cards are what that piece stands on. No dice, no chips. Prim is here playing cards and working with the game board. In this case, each player moves a shifter token during the round during the simultaneous phase. It can be moved one step down or, conversely, one step up. Here’s how you operate a car without penalty: If you want to move the pedal two steps, you need to draw one Heat card.

Once you’re equipped, it’s time to play as many speed cards as you have in your equipment. However, competitors cannot see the cards you play. First, the value of the cards is added by the first participant, after which, if there is also a voltage card among the cards, you add the value of the next speed card that falls into your hands. The one of you who is on the last step can move one additional square, adding 1 to the speed value, or, conversely, gain one recovery time.Review of the board game Heat Heat 4

The next part of this stage is about activating the symbols available to you. In the base game, this involves cooling the engine by placing heat cards on your car’s play mat. If you end up next to or behind another car, you have the option to use an air bag once per turn to move two spaces forward. Assuming you cross the corner boundary while passing, you should estimate the speed of the formula. When it exceeds the value of a given point, you must use as many heat maps as make up the difference.

If you don’t have them, you will be eliminated, after which you need to put the formula before the turn and put it in first gear, adding one or two tension cards to the deck. After this stage you can discard the speed cards. However, the voltage and heat cards remain in your hand. The last move is to draw cards from the deck so that you end up with seven cards in your hand. After you complete a predetermined number of laps, the winner is the one who crosses the finish line first.Review of the board game Heat Heat 3

So, those are the basics, but Heat also has a wider range of modules for you with which you can enrich the game and thus increase the overall difficulty. There is a garage module where you can customize your kart. If you prefer weather, that option isn’t missing either, as is single-player or championship mode, which is a series of races that you complete in specific conditions. The modifiers are interesting and, in general, in my opinion, each of them is worthy of attention.

Heat: Heavy Rain adds another player and new tracks

Did you find the basic version of Heat too simple even after enriching it with some modules? So here’s the Heat: Heavy Rain expansion, which includes a track in Japan and Mexico. But that’s not all. In addition, there is another toy car, thanks to which another participant has the opportunity to start the game, who can participate both on the new tracks and beyond.

Review of the board game Heat Heat Husty dest 1

However, you can expect unprecedented conditions on fresh tracks. Japan, for example, is known for its puddles that make it difficult to slow down, making Heat maps difficult to play. The AI ​​can be more aggressive and a stalking element can be found in some schemes. Heat: Heavy Rain is, in my opinion, a worthy expansion that, due to its qualities, is worth a look first when you want to make room for another player or just make the base game special with new tracks that make it worthwhile.

Review of the board game Heat Heat Husty dest 2

Heat is one of the gems of the genre.

There aren’t many racing games on the tabletop scene, at least not quality ones. Warmth is some of the best you can find. I have to evaluate the handling of the tracks, the core idea of ​​the gameplay, as well as the additional modules that can be used to increase the overall difficulty. With the Heat: Heavy Rain expansion, you’ll be able to improve replayability with new tracks and options. If you’re thinking about playing the game, it might be a good idea to purchase the expansion right away.

Heat is one of the attractive projects whose gameplay is very good. If you are a racing fan, I wouldn’t be afraid to buy this thing because the modules make it suitable for both more demanding people and beginners.

We would like to thank Czech distributor Blackfire for providing us with a copy of Heat and Heat: Heavy Rain.

Source :Indian TV

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