Soldier Svejk ended up on the destroyer Tatra instead of Budejovice in World of Warships – INDIAN

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Wargaming regularly attracts players to various events associated with famous brands and personalities. Within this tradition World of Warships I arrived soldier Schweik. The first Czech commander is the character in the famous novel by the writer Jaroslav Hasek “The Fate of the Good Soldier Švejk” and the Czechoslovak anti-war film comedy “The Good Soldier Švejk”, filmed in 1956 by director Karel Stekli.

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Soldier Svejk in the free war game World of Warships actor Michal Holan dubs. He arrived in the game together with the commander Austro-Hungarian Tier II destroyer Tatra. In addition to this milestone, World of Warships will feature a host of new features, such as shipyard construction of the historic USS Wisconsin, a true naval ship museum, the revival of fan-favorite asymmetrical battles, and a celebration of the Japanese Golden Ship. Weekly holidays.

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