Star Citizen Introduces the Character Editor

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The long-awaited space MMO Star Citizen, which has been in development for many years, will soon receive a new update numbered 3.23 as part of the current ongoing alpha version. The test version of the game, led by a character editor, will feature several new features and improvements. Although this feature was previously available to a limited extent, it is now presented in an expanded and improved form. Below you can see more 20 minute demopublished by a user with the nickname CarbonPixel.

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It’s clear that the developers at Roberts Space Industries are trying to offer as many features and capabilities as possible in the area of ​​character creation, which will allow players to create their own character down to the smallest detail. Star Citizen will be released on PC, with the exception of versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. But we still don’t even know the approximate release date. In addition to this ambitious MMO game, the studio is also developing standalone game called Squadron 42which will focus on the single-player story and campaign.

Source : Zing

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