The end of cheap Game Pass? Microsoft introduces restrictions – INDIAN

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Microsoft has decided to limit subscription renewals Game pass using digital codes or gift cards. The restriction applies only to certain countries, where codes are significantly cheaper than in Europe and the USA.

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The new limit is being introduced in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Singapore, Turkey and Taiwan. The renewal period has been reduced from 36 months, which is the standard in the rest of the world, to just a few months. 13 months. The same restriction was previously introduced by EA for EA Play in Argentina and Turkey.

The restriction applies to Xbox Game Pass Core, Xbox Game Pass for consoles, and PC Game Pass. The most expensive option, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, does not appear to be subject to this restriction.

With this move, Microsoft is likely responding to widespread problem. Players from different parts of the world buy significantly cheaper codes from the above-mentioned countries and then activate them on special accounts. Purchasing accounts with an active subscription is no exception. This is how Microsoft is losing money.

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Source :Indian TV

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