Square Enix’s Foamstars shooter has lost 95% of its players

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The Japanese company Square Enix released it in early February together with developers from the Toylogic studio. multiplayer shooter Foamstars. The game was aimed exclusively at the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles, and was available on the day of release in all three PlayStation Plus subscription options. Thanks to the release on the famous service, more than 3.1 million players tried the game immediately after its release.

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However, TrueTrophies magazine, citing data from the PlayStation Network, found that the game in recent weeks lost 95% of players. So, it is clear that most users tried the game on PS Plus, but did not last long and moved on to another game. Perhaps the release of the now famous hit Helldivers 2, which premiered just a few days after Foamstars, played a role.

In addition, the game from Square Enix received only an average score in reviews. So making your own variation on Nintendo’s popular Splatoon game probably won’t end up being a huge success.

Source :Indian TV

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