The authors of such games as Ancestors Legacy and Hatred presented a new game

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Developers from studio Destructive Creations announced their next game called 63 Days. This is the fifth action game in a row from the Polish team, which first gained attention with the controversial game Hatred, in which you played as a mass murderer. However, in subsequent years, the studio released significantly more complex and successful games, such as Ancestors Legacy and War Mongrels.

The last mentioned title is followed by the recently unveiled venture 63 Days, in which players transported to Warsaw in 1944. during the famous uprising against occupation by Nazi Germany. After all, the very name of the game refers to the duration of the battles themselves, which lasted exactly 63 days on the streets of the capital of Poland. The genre will be a real-time tactical strategy game that will focus on stealth, exploiting the environment, and tactically eliminating individual enemies.

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63 days will be released later this year on PC (Steam) and PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles.

Source : Zing

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