The Viking game Sons of Valhalla has been released for computers with Czech subtitles – INDIAN

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The minute and a half trailer reminds us that the game was released on PC at the end of last week. Sons of Valhalla. Although this is an eight-hour snack, it is fun and interesting. It combines fighting and construction games.The action takes place during the Viking times and has pixelated 2D graphics. I myself spent one evening with her and enjoyed the first part very much.

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You take on the role of Thorald Olavson, a warrior eager to catch the jarl who burned his home, kidnapped his beloved wife and fled to distant England. You must train your own military squad, build fortresses and lead your warriors to retribution.

“Beyond the waves of the North Sea, far from home, you must first establish a fortress from which you can launch an attack. Fighting an implacable enemy will require resources, capable people and strategic thinking. Create a good farm, build siege camps and training grounds, build a powerful army and plunder neighboring villages to get more resources for your campaign and corner the enemy. we will read in the press release.

Until April 19, you can buy Sons of Valhalla on Steam for 17.99 euros or download the demo version. The game package includes Czech subtitles.

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Source :Indian TV

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