Helldivers 2 will receive new content soon

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Developers Arrowhead Game Studios have revealed new content for the Helldivers 2 co-op event this week. paid military bond (the so-called “War Bonds”) under the name “Democratic Detonation”. This is the equivalent of a Battle Pass that players can purchase with real money or earn Super Credits through normal gameplay.

Democratic detonation will bring first of all several new weapons in the form of the main BR-14 Adjudicator rifle, the P-36 Eruptor rifle and the CB-9 exploding crossbow, which will complement the additional weapons – the G-123 thermite grenade, the GP-31 grenade launcher pistol and the extractor pilot launcher. In terms of armor and other items, those interested will be able to purchase the CE-27 Ground Breaker, CE-07 Demolition Specialist and FS-55 Devastator.

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All content mentioned above will be available on PC (Steam) and PlayStation 5 console. on Thursday, April 11. You can watch the trailer in the preview above. Helldivers 2 is available in the Alza.cz store.

Source :Indian TV

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