Game Story, a program about the history and present of Czech games, is available to watch for free – INDIAN

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At the end of last year, spring lured us in, when Czech television I’ll bring the show Game historyin which the main focus will be on successful domestic video game projects from history and modern times.

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Today they are available on iVyszílá. all ten parts. Each lasts about 15 minutes and is devoted to individual interesting moments in the creation of Czech video games. The first, called “Virus”, talks about how Francis Fuca He created the first games together with his colleagues from the Golden Triangle studio behind the Iron Curtain.

In the second part we move to Brno, where, thanks to access to a computer room, two friends creating a remake of their popular American game Monkey Island. They found a publisher in the Policka housing estate, and the first officially distributed Czech game was born.

The success of domestic games would not be possible without the community. In the 1990s, the Czech Republic united and divided paper magazines such as Excalibur, Level and Score. We will learn about their rivalry in the third part of Game Story.

Four focuses on The iconic military action Operation Flashpoint was born. High five for Jakub Dvorski’s journey and point-and-click adventure. Self made. Six – the Prague studio SCS Software, which created a very successful Euro Truck Simulator. Seven on from the authors of Dragon’s Lair and Kingdom Come: Deliverance, that is, about Martin Klim and Dan Vavra. Both recall that they were unable to get money from publishers, but also thanks to the many fans they were able to create this large-scale RPG.

In the last three volumes, he continues to develop strategy in the present. Factoriorhythmic hit Defeat Saber and like the last one Czech developerswho want to create games to their liking.

You can watch all ten episodes of Game Story here for free.

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