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From truck driver to train driver, from farmer, heavy equipment operator and football manager to space worker. Simulations and simulations offer many different professions that we can try out without leaving home. They usually have a good idea, but they suffer from insufficient stretching and are often below average.. Unfortunately, the same applies to what we discussed today. Taxi Life.

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Welcome to Barcelona taxi driver and dreamer who wants to build a taxi empire in this sunny place. The Catalan metropolis is huge, full of life and offers a 24-hour cycle. Cars drive along the road, scooters are parked along it, and there are pedestrians at the crossings. All this contributes to immersion in this world, through which you will move in your vehicle and carry passengers from one place to another. You will be required smooth ride, during which you must carefully monitor compliance with the rules, do not crash into anything and do not brake sharply. In short, don’t treat your customers like cattle, but rather it’s like a child in a car that even Kenedryl doesn’t help. If you don’t follow through, the client will become impatient, ask what’s wrong with you, who gave you the license, and yell at you to slow down… until they finally leave. In this case, the screen will go dark, the car will stop, and you will receive a notification that your trip has been cancelled. It’s a pity, we need more dramatic shots.

From time to time a passenger will want to be with you speak, find out, for example, about interesting monuments that he should visit in Barcelona, ​​or ask how to drive a car in the city. Other times he simply asks to open the window, turn off the radio… basically the usual requests you would expect from tourists. They can get you more involved in being a taxi driver right from the start, even if you’re just clicking on preset options. However, after several hours of play they repetitive and quite annoying. But you will complete them to get a hint and more points in the skill tree. This one seems somewhat unnecessary as it only reduces consumption, stains and damage to the cars, but also increases profits.

Along the way you’ll have to deal with a lot unexpected situations, such as accidents and construction work. On paper it sounds nice. But in fact, the street will simply be closed, so you will go along it to another place. It doesn’t even cause any traffic jams that would make you swear behind the wheel that something was being repaired again. Instead, your insults will be directed at other road users who are unnecessarily blocking intersections and occasionally they don’t follow the rules. But when I remember how they went wild after the game came out, it’s nothing. They couldn’t brake in time when I was standing at a red light, didn’t give way, chaotically lined up in a lane, drove through a red light… This really ruined the impression.

He keeps getting angry jumping textures and pedestrians can jump under your wheels at the crossing or turn around in the middle of the crossing, return to the sidewalk, and then walk through the crossing again as if nothing had happened. If you are just thinking about running over him, then the screen will turn black and you will be fined. They’re here too Problems with GPSwhich from time to time will take you into narrow streets where you will have to comply with the speed limit, although a faster and more comfortable route lies along the main road.

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