Czechs bought a lot of new games in March. Three competed for first place – INDIA

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A rather peaceful March was disrupted by one exceptional week, during which three important gaming news came out. The trio battled it out on the podium for the best-selling games of the month on the Xzone Store.

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On Friday, March 22, a fierce duel between dragons and samurai took place. In the end, she emerged victorious from the clash. Dragon’s Dogma 2, which it owes primarily to its multi-platform release. Capcom did not forget about the physical version for PC at the last minute and immediately gave up sales on Xzone. The store tried out a gift in the form of an original wooden box with this game.

PlayStation 5 Exclusive Rise of the Ronin so she had to settle for second place, but even that is a fantastic place. Third in line Alone in the darkbecause it went into battle with a couple of platforms and a pleasantly low price compared to other new products.

Of the other March games, a port of the Czech hit entered the top five. Kingdom Come: Deliverance, whose Switch version brought the Czech fan dub to the console for the first time. The MudRunner series, a spin-off of which is also popular Expeditions attracted a surprisingly large number of mud lovers.

Here’s what the Xzone leaderboard looks like for March:

  1. Dragon’s Dogma 2
  2. Rise of the Ronin
  3. Alone in the Dark (2024)
  4. Horizon: Forbidden West
  5. Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Royal Edition
  6. Expeditions: MudRunner game
  7. Rebirth of Final Fantasy VII
  8. Mario vs. Donkey Kong
  9. Diablo IV
  10. Helldivers 2
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Source :Indian TV

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