Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake still in development – INDIAN

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Modern makeup Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic it survived both the Embracer Group investigation and the subsequent spin-off of Saber Interactive. After a long silence, its CEO confirmed that the remake is still in development.

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“It is clear and obvious that we are working on this,” said Matthew Karch, CEO of Saber Interactive, in an interview with IGN. “This has appeared in the media several times. Let me just say that the game is alive and well. Our goal is to ensure that we exceed consumer expectations.”

That’s all. Karch declined to provide further details. A remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was announced in 2021 for PlayStation 5 and PC, after Aspyr had already been working on it for three years. But Sony and Embracer Group were not satisfied with the development, they suspended work for a while, and then everything went directly under Saber. Unfortunately, we don’t know how the game is currently doing, let alone when it will be released.

When Saber Interactive split from Embracer mid-last month, management confirmed development of three games: Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2, John Carpenter’s Toxic Commando and Jurassic Park: Survival. Plus they talked about another project, which is a previously announced AAA game based on the main license. There was speculation that it was Star Wars: KoTOR, which has finally been confirmed.

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Source :Indian TV

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