Top Grossing Games on Steam for Week 14

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Page SteamDB once again published a traditional review of the highest-grossing games on Steam over the past week. In this case, this is the period from March 26 to April 2. Free games are not included in the rating. Co-op action Helldivers 2 managed to return to first place, followed by handhelds. Steam deck.

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On the other hand, the action RPG dropped to third place. Dragon’s Dogma 2, which topped the chart last week. MMORPG sales have increased significantly Final Fantasy XIV onlinewhich is mainly due to the launch of pre-orders for a new data disc called Dawn trail. The base game and separately sold expansion were among the top five highest-grossing products last week.

Other positions held such notable titles as Rainbow Six Siege, Cyberpunk 2077 And Baldur’s Gate 3. At the end of the top ten you will find games Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition And EA Sport FC 24.

Source :Indian TV

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