Immortals of Aveum will soon receive FSR 3 on consoles

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FidelityFX Super Resolution, better known by its acronym FSR, is an AMD technology that we mostly associate with upscaling. This open source option is used not only on PC, but also on consoles, where the majority of new games use it.

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AMD also has a version of FSR 3 since last fall, which did not improve image quality when upscaling, but added a completely new feature – image generation, which thus competes with similar technology from Nvidia, released at the end of 2022 in the DLSS 3 package. And While a number of games already support FSR 3 on PC, there is no such title on consoles yet. However, the situation will soon change: the fantasy shooter Immortals of Aveum will debut.

The new information came from Digital Foundry editor-in-chief Richard Ledbetter, to whom the developers revealed details regarding the two updates. The first one provides HDR support and will be released today. More interesting, however, is an update called, which should bring FSR 3 support to PC and consoles. The creators worked with Enduring Games on the implementation, and the update should be released in the coming weeks. I don’t know the exact date yet.

The game on modern consoles targets 60 FPS, but the frame rate is not always completely stable. Frame generation (which works by inserting a generated frame between two “real” frames) can thus safely push the frame rate above this limit. It will still be unstable, but VRR will help you a lot in the perception of smoothness. Of course, the option to lock the frame rate at 60 FPS would also be offered, but this would lead to a huge increase in latency, which would already be quite high, which could be very problematic for a first-person shooter.

Immortals of Aveum will be available to add to your library completely free for PS+ subscribers in April. In addition, you can purchase the game on

Source :Indian TV

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