You can now play Outriders in Czech.

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In April 2021, developers from the Polish studio People Can Fly released looter shooter action Outriders. The game received pretty solid reviews, praising the action itself, the audiovisual processing, and the interesting plot. However, they failed to back up the overall positive reception with strong enough sales.

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Even more than a year after the release, there was talk that The game’s development hasn’t paid off yet. Finance and revenue share also became the reason for the developers’ dispute with publisher Square Enix. Despite these issues, we can still purchase and play Outriders on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles without any problems. The full edition was even released in February.

Almost exactly three years after the original release for gamers they also recently received an unofficial Czech localization as subtitles for the PC version. Behind the Czech is a famous translator with the nickname Farflame, who has been translating games for many years. The full Czech version is available for free on the official website of the above-mentioned translator. You can find more detailed information about the game itself in our review.

Source :Indian TV

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