The creators of Banishers, Vampyr and Life is Strange will focus on three genres – INDIAN

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Supporters of the creation of a French studio Don’t nod they can look forward to new projects. After a successful release Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden the company reorganized into three internal divisions focusing on role-playing games, story-driven adventures, and action-adventure games. This division is designed to reflect the studio’s rich history of diverse gaming experiences.

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“From the action-packed world of Remember Me to story gems like Life is Strange and Tell Me Why, to Vampire and the recent Cast Away, the studio draws inspiration from its past in each of these branches. success. “The diverse portfolio demonstrates the studio’s ability to create immersive worlds filled with complex characters and meaningful decisions, and through these endeavors the studio continues to build on its legacy and strengthen its core expertise in the genres that have defined its success over the past 15 years.” we will read in the press release.

In Don’t Nod it is created inside and out. seven games, four of which have yet to be announced. Five of them are developed in-house and are among them. Lost Records: Bloom and Fury. It’s a story-driven adventure game that was announced late last year. It is expected to continue the success of Life is Strange and be the start of a new series.

A sequel to the role-playing game is believed to be in development. A vampire and Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden. External projects are Tolima and Tiny Bull Studios projects. The first one is preparing a hand-drawn musical adventure. Koira. The other is still waiting to be revealed.

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Source :Indian TV

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