Microsoft gaming executives invite to talk about the future of Xbox – INDIAN

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A lot has been written about the future of Xbox over the past week. Believe me, I did not even share many of the assumptions, since they came from very strange sources. In any case, we have to find out the truth.

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The heads of Microsoft’s gaming division invite special podcast. Phil Spencer, Sarah Bond and Matt Booty reveal new information regarding Xbox. Spencer is the head of Microsoft Gaming, Sarah Bond is the president of Xbox, and Matt Booty is the head of Xbox Game Studios, ZeniMax Media/Bethesda Softworks and Activision Blizzard King.

The podcast will air on Thursday 15 February from 9:00 pm ET. It will be available to listen/watch on YouTube and standard podcast platforms. Spencer had previously teased the event, calling it a business refresh and a vision for the future of Xbox.

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Source :Indian TV

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