You can now play Life is Strange: True Colors entirely in Czech.

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The story-adventure game Life is Strange: True Colors, released in September 2021, received after a long wait release of full Czech localization as subtitles for the PC version. Behind the translation is a fan group called the Spyker team, which has already translated all five main series in February 2022. However, problems with the composition of the translation team meant that a bonus chapter entitled “Wavelengths”, released as part of the Deluxe Edition, has not been translated until now.

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But now the aforementioned group has announced the release of this one too. final episodes. You can download the final localization from the Spyker team site. You can find more detailed information about the game Life is Strange: True Colors in our review. Below is a preview of the translation.

“The big moment just happened. After the relatively unexpected end of the Tell Me Why project, it remained to decide what to do with another suspended project – Life is Strange: True Colors, which turned out almost identical. In both projects, the team assembled for a given translation disbanded during the translation process. For a long time we were unable to find anyone who would be willing to complete this textually very extensive chapter. As we mentioned earlier, on average there is a difference between 2500 and 9000 rows.

After helping external translator @Mayki with his translations of “The Expanse” and “New Tales of the Borderland”, we thought to contact him, and after 19 days the problem was resolved. In the future, Spyker Team will announce projects mainly after the game is released, so as not to repeat the case when translators expected something slightly different from the game. Thanks to everyone who has waited patiently and to everyone who has contributed in one way or another to the translation of True Colors over the past years. From now on, the bonus chapter is also available for download on our website, and this concludes all our projects.” presented to the recently published Czech edition by its authors.

Source :Indian TV

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