The developers of the new Subnautica have to reassure fans

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As part of the publication of its financial results, South Korean publishing house Krafton provided some details about the upcoming continuation of the Subnautica brand. Company representatives noted that the new part will be focused on multiplayer and a model called “games as a service.” Additionally, the game was included in the 2024 plan. From this information, many players and journalists got the impression that the game will be released this year and, in addition to multiplayer, will rely on a live service model. In particular, the emphasis on multiplayer and the game-as-a-service format did not sit well with the original game’s community, which is still appreciated today.

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But as it soon became clear, Crafton made several inaccuracies when describing the second Subnautica. The game developers themselves from the Unknown Worlds studio had to point them out. First of all, from a short article on the official website of the studio, we learned that the game is definitely won’t be released this year, as Crafton stated in his plan. In addition, the developers clarified that the term “Games as a Service” in the case of Subnautica means that the new part, like its predecessors, will be supported several years after release and will go through an early access phase. On the other hand, the game does not contain season passes, battle basses or anything like that.

Last but not least, the authors clarified the mention of multiplayer. In this respect, it has the same title as the two previous parts. offer a traditional single-player experience, which, if desired, can be supplemented with cooperation. Therefore, the significant format change referred to in Crafton’s statement should not occur after clarification from the developers.

Source :Indian TV

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