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Remasters or remakes are often the target of criticism. On the one hand, you have angry fans who won’t let it go. original. On the other hand, there are players who don’t care about improved graphics or improved performance. They’d rather welcome something brand new. Or there are so many of them in this series that she doesn’t need another one. However, as we have seen, remasters and remakes have their place in the gaming world. This often allows even younger players to experience unique experiences that would otherwise remain buried under a layer of dust.

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This is exactly what The Last of Us did in 2013, which went through three iterations, and its latest, 2022, matched the graphics of the second part. But this time it’s yours enhanced The version also saw The Last of Us Part II, which simultaneously offered new game modes such as the roguelike action “No Return”, never-before-seen cut parts or the ability to speed up. Together we will answer the question of whether the game even needs a remaster less than four years after its release.

In short, no. The Last of Us: Part II, Honestly no remaster needed. Today, this title belongs to the most technically advanced games that have not yet been subjected to the ravages of time. The second part was originally released for the PlayStation 4 console, on which it launched. at 1440p with a target of 30 fps. While the framerate was a bit choppy in difficult situations, the game was a technological marvel. This one is tiny problem Additionally, an update for the PlayStation 5 console allowed the game to be played at a locked 60 frames per second. So how can a remaster top something like this? Well maybe. The question is whether you will recognize it. The name is very similar, and at first glance there are very few differences between the original and the updated version. You may notice more detailed textures, especially in the case of character modelslike Joel or Ellie maybe better anti-aliasing, that is, smoothing the edges. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the remaster won’t bring any improvements.

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