Expected expansion for Elden Ring may soon get a release date

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Last February, developers from the FromSoftware studio announced the preparation of a major expansion for journalists and players of the acclaimed action-RPG Elden Ring. About the header add-on Shadow of Airdtree but we still have not learned any more official information. However, some time ago attention was drawn to rumors that the DLC should be released in February of this year.

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The possible next piece of the imaginary puzzle was recently brought to the attention of a Twitter user. Ziostorm, which specializes in FromSoftware games. Ziostorm reported that there was an error in the Elden Ring databases on Steam. adding an unknown file. This file is not described in any way, so it cannot be confirmed for sure whether it is actually associated with the Shadow of the Erdtree extension.

However, if this were a normal minor update, it would not make much sense to hide the details of its contents in the database. According to the SteamDB website, this mysterious file was also located there. placed in the DLC category. As such, there is a very real possibility that we could soon learn about the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion with new details starting from the release date.

Source : Zing

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