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When Deck Nine announced a game called The Expanse: Telltale Series, I was overjoyed. Because they also worked on my favorite parts of the Life is Strange series. Together with Telltale Games, they created an adventure game based on the books and, in my opinion, the best sci-fi series of all time that captures more than just your heart. , but also your conscience from the consequences of your decisions. Together with the badass Kamina Drummer, a native of the Belt, you will fight every trap and her past, which will soon overtake both her and you. Sasa ke?(Beltese: “Do we understand each other?”)

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Big fans of the series “The Expanse” here, but it is necessary to briefly introduce the rest. The year is 2347, and humanity is spreading throughout the solar system. Relations between Mars and Earth are strained, and even more strained are the inhabitants of the asteroid belt, the so-called Belters, who struggle mostly for survival and depend on supplies of even such basic things as water. They even have their own language that may sound funny but will keep you constantly entertained. It is worth noting that the entire plot takes place before the first season of the TV show, where it was not entirely clear how and where a certain Kamina came from.

Everything was presented to us in a walking simulator style with a third person view. The story is divided into five chapters and is filled with cut scenes. Each chapter was released separately several weeks apart, leaving many people unsure whether they had purchased an incomplete game or whether it actually only had two hours of playtime. Following the release of all five, a bonus pay-per-view episode was added called “Archangel”, which chronicles a fateful day in the life of politician Chrisjen Avasarali. And who is this man? I’m afraid that if you’re completely new to The Expanse universe, you won’t really like the title as it assumes you know all the details, characters, factions and bits of history of the story. The story of Avasarala is definitely worth listening to, if only because of the absolutely wonderful voice of its actress Shohreh Aghdashlu.

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