The creators of Doom, Halo and Hi-Fi Rush will help with the game about Indiana Jones – INDIAN

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Pending Developer_Direct from Xbox, we can stop further speculation. The upcoming action-adventure film is said to Indiana Jones more studies are working. To the team leader CarsGames (modern parts of Wolfenstein) should help the authors of the Doom series from id softwarecreators of The Evil Within and Hi-Fi Rush from Japan. Tango Gameworks and even the Halo Infinite developers from 343 industries.

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Such cooperation assumes that the unit Xbox Game Studios turns into a family team where everyone helps each other. Yes, some (like our Cvrnda) may argue that Bethesda is a separate company, but as of the new year, all Microsoft studios are moving under Matt Booty, including Bethesda and Activision Blizzard. This style is also characteristic of rival PlayStation Studios. The suggestion was made in Riskit4theBiskit’s video at 1:29:03.

Developer_Direct will take place on Thursday 01/18/2024 from 21:00 our time. The original story of the famous archaeologist will take up more than 10 minutes of space. The presentation will be complemented by an atmospheric event. Senua Saga: Hellblade 2 from Ninja Theory, a fantasy action RPG Recognized from Obsidian and historical strategy Macaw: The Untold Story. There are also rumors about the announcement of an updated Gears of War collection.

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Source :Indian TV

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