Nacon CEO says there are too many games on the market

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Benoit Clercq, CEO of Nacon, commented on the current state of the server gaming industry just before the holidays During the interview, they also discussed the failure of some of their games. According to Clerk, one of the main reasons for this failure is the fact that there are too many games on the market, making it difficult for some projects to break through. For example, up to 50-60 games arrive on Steam in a few days, so it is important that the project stands out and stands out.

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A similar situation in the case of Nacon occurred in RoboCop: Rogue City. This FPS is one of the company’s best results. The company is fully aware that it cannot compete with AAA productions with its creations, and therefore focuses on creating works aimed at fans of certain genres, which is Ravenwatch or series VKR. The role of publishers is, of course, not an easy one. The competition is really strong, and only the most outstanding works make it through. However, it doesn’t look like the situation is going to change in the long term.

Source :Indian TV

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