Immortality Coming Soon to PlayStation 5

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Development studio Half Mermaid Productions, led by renowned game designer Sam Barlow, has announced that their latest game to date, Immortality, will also be coming to PlayStation 5. originally released August 2022 on PC (Steam) and Xbox Series X/S. In November of the same year, the game also dropped on mobile platforms with Android and iOS systems.

PS5 players are specifically looking at Sam Barlow’s latest project. they will see on January 23. You can see the new sample above in the preview. In its style, “Immortality” continues the previous interactive films of the aforementioned designer in the form of the titles “Her Story” and “Telling Lies.”

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However, despite high expectations, Immortality ended up receiving a relatively mixed reaction, as evidenced by our review, which gave it a score of 5/10 and the following verdict: “The last game from Sam Barlow was a big disappointment for me. On the surface, it has an interesting theme, great acting, and beautifully shot footage that looks truly vintage. But under the hood lies a superficial experience that lacks deeper gameplay mechanics. Plus, the game doesn’t try to explain much of anything, and you’ll end up with more questions than answers.”

Source :Indian TV

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