Steam opens doors to games with content created by artificial intelligence, but will label them – INDIAN

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Company Valve announced today that Steam will open the door to games with content created by artificial intelligence. But there is a condition to this; developers will have to acknowledge the use of such content. This way, players will know what they are buying.

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Last summer, Steam began banning games using this content, and Valve was criticized for this by developers and some players.

“Today, after months of research and discussions with game developers, we are ready to make changes to the distribution of AI games that should allow the majority of these games to be released on Steam,” Valve reports this.

Valve has updated the content questionnaire that developers fill out before releasing a game. The questionnaire now includes a section on generative artificial intelligence, in which everyone must indicate whether (and possibly how) the game uses artificial intelligence. For the purposes of the survey, AI content creation is divided into two general categories:

Creation in advance: “This includes all content (textures, code, sounds, etc.) created using artificial intelligence as part of game development. Subject to the Steam Distribution Agreement, you continue to warrant to Valve that your game does not contain illegal or infringing content and that the product you are selling does not differ from advertising materials. AI-generated content is considered in our review just like any other content, and your guarantees will be reviewed at the same time.”

Real-time creation: “This includes all content generated by artificial intelligence during the game itself. In addition to the rules for pre-generated content, there is an additional requirement for this content – you must tell us in the questionnaire what security barriers you have implemented in the game to prevent the AI ​​from generating unwanted or illegal content. “

The information provided in the questionnaire will be used by Valve not only when testing the game before release, but also partially. will be added to the game’s page on the Steam that customers can better understand how each game uses artificial intelligence.

“We released it for the second time. a new system that allows players to report inappropriate or illegal content created in games in real time. So if players encounter any content that they think should have been stopped by the AI ​​safety gate during creation, they simply open the Steam overlay and report it.” adds Valve.

“Today’s changes are the result of our efforts to better understand the AI ​​industry and its risks, informed by discussions with AI developers and AI tool developers themselves. Therefore, we are much more open to the distribution of AI-powered games in the future, with the exception of games that include real-time adult-only sexual content. We are currently unable to distribute such games.

“Finally, we would like to apologize that the solutions described above took us several months and may have made development difficult for some authors. However, on the other hand, we believe that such complex problems should not be rushed, both in the interests of our partners and in the interests of our clients. We will continue to study artificial intelligence and its legal aspects (especially through the games themselves) and adjust our decisions as necessary.” supplied by Valve.

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Source :Indian TV

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