Gold shines not only in the world of video games: innovations from Switzerland

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At a time when virtual reality and video games are a large part of our lives, an interesting phenomenon is emerging in the form of investment gold. Swiss hologram gold bars produced by the Argor-Heraeus refinery represent a breakthrough in physical investment for all collectors.

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Innovation from Argor-Heraeus

The Argor-Heraeus refinery is at the forefront of innovation in the production of investment gold. Their bars are not just pieces of metal, but works of art with a holographic guilloche pattern known as Kinebar®. Trademarked by Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), the technology uses proprietary kinegram technology commonly used to secure banknotes and passports.

Hologram: guarantee of authenticity and origin.

What makes these bars so unique is the hologram embossed on the back. This hologram is not just an ordinary sticker, but an indivisible part of the bar, guaranteeing its purity and origin. Hologram is a patented technology, which means it cannot be faked or copied.

Aesthetics and safety

The hologram on gold bars changes shape and color as it moves, making each bar unique. The letters “A” and “H” in the center of the hologram are distinguishable and add another layer of security to the rod.


Although it may seem that bars with such a technological innovation will be significantly more expensive, the reality is surprisingly different. These Hologram bars are comparable in price to regular bars.

Distribution in Central Europe

For players and collectors in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, these bars are available through Zlatovna, providing easy access to these innovative investment products.

Conclusion: a new dimension of investment

For those looking for a connection between their digital and real worlds, these Swiss holograms represent an exciting investment opportunity. They are not only a guarantee of purity and origin, but also an aesthetic and technological miracle that can appeal to every lover of classics and modern technology.

Source : Zing

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