At CES, Sony spoke about the success of PS5, the film Gravity Rush and the series God of War and Horizon – INDIAN

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PlayStation 5 Pro it was not announced at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, USA. After all, insiders have already warned us that we should not expect a more powerful model, since Sony does not want to detract from the classic version of its console. Instead, the Japanese company talked about the success of the PS5, Gravity Rush movie and there was a status update TV series God of War and Horizon.

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PlayStation 5 sales exceed 50 million units. CEO Kenichiro Yoshida boasted of the new result during a press conference. Sony recorded a record number of active users in December. This was on PS5 and PS4. 123 million registered. The previous record was dated December 2022, when it was 112 million.

At the conference, Sony also boasted of its plans in the world of films and TV series. In the first case, attention was paid to the film Gravity Rush, it was announced already in 2022 and is being worked on by PlayStation Productions and Scott Free Productions; Directed by Anna Mastro. The footage appears in a video in which Sony Pictures Entertainment employees talk about Torchlight’s cutting-edge visual effects that will help bring the division’s future projects to life.

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Source :Indian TV

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