What we (failed) in 2023 and plans for 2024 – INDIAN

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It probably goes without saying that we had a difficult and difficult year. At the same time, he ran away surprisingly quickly, because every day they threw something new at us.

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However, 2023 did not only belong to such good moments, so demanding.

Since the beginning of the year, we have introduced an updated rating system and can already tell you that this was the best decision we have made in 15 years.

Our numerical rating disappeared from reviews, and with it comments about bribery, withholding, or giving something a high or low rating. Instead, the conversation focused on the qualities of the game in question and a much more sensible discussion of the problems in games.

However, we did not completely get rid of numerical assessment.. We still award it internally and it always appears on our website. in ten days since the publication of the review. A more transparent rating system is also implemented within the framework of icons, which highlight either positively or negatively certain aspects of the game and serve as an additional helping hand.

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