The human race is the lowest species in the interesting sci-fi game Exodus – INDIAN.

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If we were to highlight at least one game presented at Gaming Awards 2023so it will be Exodus from Archetype Entertainment. The sci-fi role-playing game, reminiscent of Mass Effect, Returnal and the film Interstellar, has made a good impression and excited players around the world. Are you among them? Then you will be glad to have new information.

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The similarity is not accidental; they are working on the game. Veterans from BioWare, who recently revealed that they were also inspired by Dune and Star Wars. They want to create new generation story, combining cinematic storytelling and wide-ranging freedom of action with modern AAA gameplay. He talks about the plot as epic science fiction, featuring some of science fiction’s top writers, artists, and directors. They all help share reliable scientific knowledge. Among other things, the creators explored how time dilation works.

From all this, all content is then formed, including Omega Centauri Cluster. According to the authors, this is an ancient and unusual enemy galaxy that they chose for certain reasons. Humanity fled here from a dying Earth and is an inferior species. The player is part of the Travelers who travel the galaxy and steal weapons and technology from the Celestials, powerful beings and enemies of humanity.

Another important point is choice and its consequences. The game will offer several different endings. So it will not be linear and your decisions will lead to unpredictable consequences that will affect your loved ones and the entire civilization through generations. These RPG mechanics were inspired by famous and successful games such as Baldur’s Gate, Dragon Age and Knights of the Old Republic, as well as other games such as Horizon, The Last of Us and Tomb Raider. Most of them were provided by the developers.

We also learned something new about the main character. The hero will be fully customizable and voiced. Companions will be an important part of the experience. One of them will be voiced by actor Matthew McConaughey. He is described as your mentor.

We will know more detailed information by the end of January. Exodus is in development for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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