Strange Enemies in Ghost RPG Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden – INDIAN

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Developers from the French studio Dontnod continue to gradually present their ghostly action RPG. Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden. This time, strange enemies are revealed to us in short videos. It’s more about all kinds of monsters, which we will encounter in the dark world from the authors of Vampyre. Some big monster is hinted at at the end.

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The second video is dedicated to rituals. The ceremony will evoke echoes of the past, which will help you uncover untold truths. In other words, it will reveal interesting details and information about the game world. In order to carry out the ritual, you need to collect the necessary material and raw materials.

The third short video allows us to get to know each other two ghost hunters and a lover. Anthea and Red may not agree on everything, but they share one truth. This is their unbreakable love. But is she strong enough to sacrifice the living to save herself?

The game takes place in New Eden in 1695. Anthea Duarte and Red Mac Raith are lovers and exorcists, ghost hunters seeking to protect the living from the threat of surviving ghosts and ghosts. After a failed last mission, Anthea is mortally wounded and becomes one of the ghosts she hates. In the haunted wilderness of North America, a couple desperately searches for a way to free Anthea from her curse.

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden will release on February 13th on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Console versions are available not only digitally, but also in a box.

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