Free up space for your gaming library with the WD_BLACK C50 Expansion Cards for Xbox

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The size of games is constantly increasing, but this is not reflected in the base power of the consoles. Therefore, it is increasingly necessary to delete and re-download games one by one due to lack of space. With Xbox Expansion Cards, you can play right away without having to re-download.

Lately we’ve been seeing gigantic games quite often. We’re not just talking about new games released in recent years. Older games are also growing in volume after a series of updates. A complete title like Halo: The Master Chief Collection takes up 134GB, 2014’s Elder Scrolls Online takes up the same amount of space, and maybe GTA 5 from a decade ago isn’t much better. For new games, a size of over 80 GB is almost the rule.

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The record holder in this category is undoubtedly Call of Duty, probably the most popular shooter in the world, occupying more than 150 GB on your Xbox. With a slower internet connection, this also means days of downloads, which you definitely don’t want. Here’s why it’s worth purchasing an expansion card for Xbox Series X and S.

WD_BLACK C50 is a certified expansion card with a capacity of 512 GB and 1 TB. You simply insert the card into the rear port of the console and enjoy increased storage capacity with high capacity and speed. You won’t have to deal with extra cables or extra power like you do with some external hard drives. This is the most practical solution for expanding the console memory.

The card from Western Digital uses the Xbox Velocity Architecture platform and thus provides features similar to internal storage. This means you can enjoy short loading times or a fast resume feature. External drives won’t allow you to do anything like this, as they are hampered by USB connections.

Considering the popularity of Game Pass, where you can find hundreds of games, using an expansion card makes all the more sense. You can install dozens of games at once and try them one by one without having to delete them to make room for the next game. You also get one month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate free with the WD_BLACK C50.

Expansion card WD_BLACK C50 this makes your library large enough that you can download all your favorite games and quickly switch between them without waiting for them to load. For Xbox players, this is the perfect gift for the Christmas tree and other occasions.

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