The “Road to the East” event, inspired by the series “STALKER”, switched to a new engine

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The post-apocalyptic action game “Road to the East,” which has been in the works for a long time, has an updated demo version released on Steam. In it you can try out the current prototype of the game for free, which survived the transition from the Unity engine to open source technology called Godot. Behind the ambitious name is one developer who calls himself Antti. In the introduction to the recently published sample from the mentioned demo, the developer said that the transition to the new engine took him 615 hours of work.

Additional versions of the demo with enhanced gameplay features will be released later this year. We don’t yet know the release date for the final version. From the point of view of gameplay and processing of the game world, according to the author, most inspired by the STALKER series. However, the Road to the East event will focus more on realism, which will be marked, for example, by the absence of supernatural phenomena.

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Source :Indian TV

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