MMO Horizon from the creators of Guild Wars for PC and mobile devices – INDIAN

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About the partnership of the South Korean company NCSoft And Sony we found out at the end of November last year. It was shut down to boost the Japanese video game giant’s ambitions in live-service gaming. According to unverified information, they have Guild Wars authors help develop a massively multiplayer role-playing game in a post-apocalyptic world. Horizon Series from Guerrilla Games.

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We will learn interesting details from new announcements about the work of NCSoft. The game is developed on Unreal Engine 5 under the code name Project Skyline, originally it was Project H. The platforms are interesting. He has a title will appear on PC and mobile devices. None of the advertisements mention the PlayStation 5 console. Perhaps this version will be developed in the future.

Horizon MMO is in development Lineage division Development is being led by Hong-Yong Choi, who previously led the development of Lineage W. The project is expected to start around 2021, and as of September last year, there were about 140 people working on it. 136 people (Lineage M) and 147 people (Lineage W) are working on other announced projects. Despite this, the release is expected much later than Aion 2, which is scheduled for 2024/2025. So we will have to wait a long time for this form of Horizon.

NCSoft previously registered the domain Land of Salvation. This could be a potential game for Horizon’s multiplayer game. The leak occurred early last year. video gameswhich graphically resembles Fortnite but takes place in a world similar to Horizon.

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