In the horror film Contagion 88, Mickey Mouse becomes your enemy.

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Developers from the Nightmare Forge Games studio presented their premiere game called Infestation 88. co-op survival horror for one to four players, in which you have to fight an epidemic of overgrown rodents. When creating the enemies, the authors were clearly inspired by the appearance of Mickey Mouse. The famous character has recently entered the public domain, so anyone can feature it in their work without permission or paying royalties to Disney.

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The game’s authors additionally emphasize the need for teamwork, good replayability, and unpredictable artificial intelligence. Whether Infestation 88 will be able to build on the success of, for example, the similar horror Lethal Company, we will find out. still this yearwhen the game should be released on PC (Steam). In any case, the developers are in full swing. More than 600,000 people watched the opening trailer on IGN magazine’s YouTube channel, where it was exclusively published, in less than 24 hours.

Source :Indian TV

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