Bobby Kotick has left his post as CEO of Activision Blizzard. For the journey he received a golden parachute – INDIAN

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Yesterday was the last day Bobby Kotick in a leading position King of Blizzard by Activision. But the former CEO should not be sad: when he left, he received a substantial severance pay. Before this, Microsoft bought all his shares.

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Kotick received a severance package of $15 million. Initially, there was talk of an amount of up to 292 million. After acquiring Activision Blizzard King, Microsoft bought all the shares from him, as well as from others. Kotick owned almost 4 million shares. He received an additional $370 million from Microsoft.

Activision Blizzard King entrusted with management Matt Booty. He has been heading Xbox Game Studios for several years, and Bethesda and ZeniMax recently came under his wing. Mike Ibarra remains CEO of Blizzard, Rob Kostic CEO of Activision’s publishing division and Thiodolf Sommestad President of the King division.

Bobby Kotick was a controversial CEO. They say he hid the problems of his subordinates and did not address the problem of harassment in the workplace.. From a gaming perspective, Blizzard has taken a backseat and redirected most of its resources to Call of Duty.

They say that even the developers and PR people didn’t like it. He allegedly ignored warnings about review bombing when Overwatch 2 arrived on Steam and disapproved of beefing up the admin team. Instead, the problem had to be dealt with by a small team managing social channels.

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