Florida Joker Gives Rockstar Final Warning and Demands Even More Money – INDIAN

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In the end, the case surrounding the Florida Joker did not die out. Lawrence Sullivan spoke out after the break and gave Rockstar a final warning. At the same time, he demands 250% of the original amount.

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Sullivan believes that developers Grand Craft Auto VI they stole his image. First he demanded two million dollars, then three million. Now he wants up to five million. The renowned studio must respond by January 11, 2024, Sullivan’s birthday. If he doesn’t respond, the Florida Joker is threatening legal action.

On Wednesday we informed you that Rockstar also began to blackmail with a strange dreadlock. He claims that the creators also abused him. According to a lawyer who represents companies in such cases, Sullivan has no chance of success. Instead of blackmailing him, he should take advantage of the attention he received thanks to GTA 6. What do you think about this?

If you have noticed in the last few days Speculation about GTA VI game timeso these 35–40 hours were just forecast from a certain insider Michael. Some media outlets have turned this into a big speculation. Michael believes that the game time will be similar to GTA V, and the story of Red Dead Redemption 2 is designed for 50 hours. Completing the game 100% will then take up to 182 hours. For GTA 5 this is 83 hours.

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Source :Indian TV

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