Czech studio Madfinger Games is bringing its new game Gray Zone Warfare closer

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In an interview with magazine, developers from Brno studio Madfinger Games revealed several details about their upcoming game Gray Zone Warfare, which was officially presented in early November. It will be multiplayer first person tactical actionwhich will be released exclusively on PC.

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For example, studio representatives described the main differences between Gray Zone Warfare and other extravagant games, led by the popular Escape from Tarkov. “Unlike other extravagant games, which, like EFT, are based on time-limited matches on small maps, GZW is built on a large open and persistent world that players gradually connect to and how much time they spend in it is up to them. They don’t have to leave it to hide their loot or resupply with a merchant.”

At the same time, the authors confirmed that they plan to go the early access route and gradually improve the game in collaboration with the community. “We have a clear vision for the project, but we will definitely listen to the community because the players are who we are making the game for. And it’s nice to see that, judging by the community’s response, we’re on the same page. We would like to bring GZW to players as soon as possible, so we decided to use Early Access.

We also learned about existence of a helicopter, which players can summon and use to move to another part of the map. The developers also revealed the reasons that prompted them to leave the mobile market and choose Unreal Engine 5 as the basis for their new game. You can find this and other information directly on the pages of magazine. Gray Zone Warfare will be released in Early Access on PC in 2024.

Source :Indian TV

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